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BuildPulse provides you with regular notifications to keep you updated with the status and health of your tests. These notifications include weekly email digests, daily Slack notifications, and an executive summary report. Here's a more detailed look at each one.

Weekly Email Digests

Our weekly email digest delivers a summary of your top flaky tests for the week right to your inbox. This helps you keep tabs on the tests that have been causing the most trouble over the past week, allowing you to prioritize fixing these tests to increase stability. These are enabled by default.

To Disable Weekly Email Digests:

Click on the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of the email.

To Re-Enable Weekly Email Digests:

  1. Navigate to the respository you'd like to enable notifications for
  2. If you've unsubscribed, there will be a bell icon in the navbar.
  3. Click on the bell icon to re-enable weekly email digests.

Please note, these digests are sent out every Monday, giving you an overview of the past week.

Daily Slack Notifications

For those who prefer a more immediate update, we offer daily Slack notifications (scoped per-repository). These provide a day-to-day look at the top flaky tests, keeping you and your team informed and ready to tackle issues as they come up.

To Enable Daily Slack Notifications:

  1. Navigate to the respository you'd like to enable notifications for
  2. Click on the 'Configure Slack Digests' link at the bottom.
  3. Connect your Slack Workspace by clicking 'Add to Slack'.
  4. Choose the Slack channel where you'd like the notifications to be posted.
  5. Click 'Save'.

These notifications are sent every morning, ensuring your team can hit the ground running with the latest data.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary is a comprehensive report that combines stability and productivity data across all your repositories. This high-level overview is ideal for management or stakeholders who want to understand the overall productivity, health, ad efficiency of your testing processes across projects. These are sent only to the installer by default, but can be enabled for others as well.

To Enable Executive Summary:

  1. Navigate to your organization in BuildPulse Dashboard.
  2. Click on the 'Subscriptions and Usage' link at the bottom.
  3. Toggle on 'Executive Summary'.
  4. Enter the email addresses where you'd like the summary to be sent.

Executive Summaries are sent out weekly, providing a bird's eye view of the month's productivity and stability data.

With these different types of notifications, BuildPulse keeps you and your team up-to-date, informed, and ready to tackle any testing issues that arise. These timely insights help ensure the stability of your software and the productivity of your team.