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BitBucket Pipelines

The steps below outline how to integrate your BitBucket Pipeline CI builds with BuildPulse to help you identify and eliminate flaky tests.

If you'd like help at any step, please get in touch at

1. Log in to your BuildPulse account and select your repository to find your credentials

You'll find these credentials in your account:



You'll also need the BuildPulse account ID and repository ID for your repository:

account: 46661156
repository: 382123152

Add these to your Workspace variables.

2. Integrate the BuildPulse BitBucket Pipe into your build using the steps outlined in the README.

Note that test-reporter is run in an after-script - this is to ensure that results are sent if the tests fail.

- pipe: docker://buildpulseapp/buildpulse-pipe
REPORT_PATHS: spec/reports

3. Commit the changes to your BitBucket Pipeline workflow file.

Push your branch to BitBucket, and monitor build logs to see if the BuildPulse upload step is successful.

When everything is working correctly, you should see a successful step labeled "Upload test results to BuildPulse for flaky test detection." [example]

Within a few minutes, you'll see your first flaky test analysis in your dashboard. 😅