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Project Management Integration

BuildPulse supports integrations with project/ticket management systems to help you track and manage flaky tests right at home. Today, we support for Jira, Linear, and GitHub Projects (beta) - if your vendor is not listed, please email to request an integration.


  • Automatically create issues when a test is quarantined.
  • Automatically un-quarantine test when issue is resolved. If we see a quarantined test issue in the 'Done' column for 4 hours, the corresponding test is unquarantined. We leave a buffer of a few hours to ensure issue resolution stability before un-quarantining the test.
  • Manually create issues for flaky tests

The issue project, assigned team, labels, and description are configurable.


  1. Navigate to the BuildPulse Flaky Test Dashboard.
  2. Click on top-right dropdown, and navigate to "Settings" > "General" > Scroll down to "Project Management".
  3. Create an API key and paste in the input box. See next section for details on key creation and permissions.
  4. Wait for up to 2 hours for projects, teams, and labels to sync.
  5. Turn on automated issue creation in "Settings" > "Repository Settings" > "Issues", for the corresponding repository/project.


Today, we leverage Jira REST API tokens for authentication. We recommend the following flow:

  1. Create a new user in Jira for BuildPulse as a service account.
  2. Make sure the user has the following permissions: Browse project or Administrator project, and create issues.
  3. Create an API token from these instructions.
  4. Paste the API token in the BuildPulse dashboard in the following format: ${TENANT_DOMAIN}:${USER_EMAIL}:${API_TOKEN}
TENANT_DOMAIN: The domain of your Jira instance, for example 'buildpulse' in ''
USER_EMAIL: The email of the user you created in step 1
API_TOKEN: The API token you created in step 3

Usage & Configuration

To turn on automated issue creation, navigate to "Settings" > "Repository Settings" > "Issues" and set the toggle to "Quarantined". Here, you can also configure the default project, assigned team, and labels in "Settings" > "Repository Settings" > "Issues".

For manual issue creation, you can create an issue from the flaky tests page. When creating issues manually, you can configure the project, team, or labels independent of the default settings, for that issue.