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We go beyond test analytics with BuildPulse Engineering Metrics, which enables continuous improvement in developer productivity through benchmarking various aspects of the software development life cycle.

You can't improve it unless you measure it.


We help benchmark engineering teams against:

  • Enhanced DORA Metrics
  • Pull Request & Code Metrics
  • Goals and Reporting
  • Resource Allocation
  • Work Forecasting
  • Developer Experience surveys
  • Enterprise Features that help cut cycle time by 30%+

Getting Started

There are 2 steps to enabling BuildPulse for your product.

  1. Login to BuildPulse and click on the Engineering Metrics tab
  2. If your account is a GitHub organization, you'll see a notification to install the BuildPulse Additional Permissions GitHub application - this is required to access organization and team data.
  3. If your account is a BitBucket organization, all the necessary permissions are already granted.
  4. Give BuildPulse 30 minutes to synchronize your data
  5. Click on the DORA Metrics tab and click on the 2 setup buttons to configure:
    • Main Branch
    • Release Detection
    • Incident Detection